Privacy Policy

Vape Wall Promise

Here at Vape Wall we believe passionately about privacy and we strive to maintain the highest possible standards as possible. Vape Wall want to be upfront with our users to know what information we collect and how we use it with our website. For the most part, the information you choose to share with Vape Wall and its users is public (other than your password and email address) unless you restrict what is shared via the websites privacy settings. Information shared in groups will always be shared with every member of that group regardless of whether you are friends with them on Vape Wall. If you disagree with anything found in this privacy policy then we would ask you to not use Vape Wall.

How do we secure your information?

Vape Wall uses a secure server system that prevents certain personal information to be accessed remotely via encryption. Private log-in information such as passwords is encrypted to prevent any unauthorised access. Information you give to Vape Wall such your real name, date of birth, pictures you upload and other information is made public unless you choose to make it private via the privacy settings page. The data you submit is stored on our servers and is accessible by the general public. We do not keep a hard copy of your details and we do not store them in any secondary servers for any other means.

What information do we collect?

Some details we may ask you to input include Name, Date of Birth, Email Address or Location. This information is volunteered by you the user and is only used to improve your experience here on Vape Wall. The information is stored on each user profile and is only accessible by people you choose to share the information with – such as your people in your friends list, groups or when you create a public post. However your profile is always visible to the public. Why we ask for this information. Vape Wall simply asks for your basic details to create a profile that you, the user has control of access over. The information is not shared for advertising or 3rd party sources and will never be stored in a hard location. You can choose to limit what information you wish to provide and protect your account via the privacy options on our website. Vape Wall never sells your data to any 3rd parties for any reason what so ever.

How we use your data?

Vape Wall only uses your basic information to create an account that allows you to access and use our website. • Your personal information is used to create a basic profile to be able to interact with other users. • Your email address is used to create an account and provide a means to access your account if you were ever to recover your password. • We do not use your email or personal information for any other means The only third party service that we use in conjunction with our website is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is used to track the amount of users on the website and how the website is used. The data gathered by Google Analytics is used exclusively be ourselves and is not used by Google for marketing or any other means.


We use cookies on Vape Wall to improve your user experience. Cookies are never used for third-parties for targeting ads or marketing. Cookies on Vape Wall simply let you log in and out of the service without needing to retype your login and password as well as tracking certain activities on the site, such as notifications. We also use Cookies to remember your settings and preferences, such as the language you prefer and your privacy settings. We use cookies or similar technologies to identify your log data.

How long do we keep your information for?

Your information will be stored for as long as there is use in regards to your account. If you wish to delete your account then all personal information would be deleted from the servers.

Updates to privacy policy

Updates to privacy policy Vape Wall will update and notify users as and when we change this policy.